Presenting Problems

Whilst a clients’ presenting problem may be the reason for the initial visit, it may transpire that this is not the most serious issue. The assessment can determine the cause which could be from a number of factors including previous injuries, scar tissue, postural imbalances, emotional stress or a medical diagnosis.

Listening to the clients’ concerns and symptoms will indicate which techniques and rehabilitation exercises should be used within the clients’ individual treatment plan.

Some of my clients presenting problems:

Repetitive strain injury
Disturbed sleep
Partial rupture
Scheurmanns disease
Frozen shoulder
Golfers elbow /swing

Scar tissue from double mastectomy
Plantar fasciaitis
Locked neck
Groin strain
Chronic fascia tightness post op
Lumbar pain

Trapped nerve shoulder
Short leg syndrome
Pins and needles in arms & hands
Scar tissue post leg surgery
Hip mobility post hip replacement
Knock knees
Respiratory- copd

Pre and post event
Piriformis syndrome
Osgood-Schiatter disease
Swimmers Lats
Overuse – hypertonicity
Forward head posture
Flat feet

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