Synopsis of Techniques

“Everyone can be treated. Every treatment is Individual. Everyone responds differently”

Depending on individual requirements, single or a combination of these techniques may be used in any session.

Posture Assessment

Visual observation and palpation of the neck, shoulders, pelvis, elbow, knee and ankle joints.

Soft Tissue Release

Specific muscle fibre lengthening. No lotion.

Neuromuscular, Friction & Trigger Point Therapy

Isolated pressure applied to specific areas. No lotion.

Deep Tissue Massage

Varying pressure on the superficial and deep muscles, tendons, and ligaments, using lotion and traditional massage strokes.

Myofascial Release

Light pressure with a slow release, broadly applied to the subcutaneous layer. With or without wax.

Muscle Energy – Reciprocal Inhibition & Post Isometric Release

Gentle, active and passive stretching techniques. No lotion.


In addition to your soft tissue therapy, it is advisable to incorporate stretching and strengthening exercises to your routine. This will optimise your potential to achieve the maximum benefits. The muscles work in pairs so whilst the fibres of one muscle may need stretching the opposing may need strengthening. Functional exercises and yoga would be an excellent combination along with a nutritional diet. Drinking enough water to keep your muscles hydrated is also very important to keep them in optimum health and enable their maximum range of movement.

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