“I had more knots than a ship when I had my first fascia massage with Ruth she worked hard to free me from those knots and now I have regular massages to make sure I don’t get all knotted up again. Ruth is great at what she does and always very accommodating.  I highly recommend her.”

Janine, 45
Health Worker, Orpington

“Ruth clearly has a passion for what she does and is an expert both theoretically and practically.  The adage of no pain, no gain is really true because although finding the root of the problem may be tender, the resolution certainly feels great”

Jo, 37
Self-employed, Bromley

“I have been looking for the right person to help with my posture for many years and now that I have seen Ruth I know where to come for my deep tissue massages. Thank you for understanding and great advice.”

Camilla, 52
Solicitor, Chislehurst

“Ruth’s knowledge and her excellent massage technique makes the experience of having a massage amazing! She totally hits the spot and I literally float home”

Caroline, 42
Finance Adviser, Coney Hall

“Since visiting Ruth I have noticed a huge improvement in my running technique and the pain in my lower back has gone.  Thanks.”

Ian, 35
Tiler, Petts Wood

“I swim competiveley and train most days of the week. Since I had my first treatment with Ruth for a shoulder injury I have been pain free . My stroke has improved and now I see her regularly”

Harry, 17

6th Former, Orpington

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